Children's health is the main concern of parents. And to ensure their good health, mom and dad must choose the right pediatrician. In our clinic, a pediatrician will answer any questions regarding the health and development of the child, carry out diagnostics, prescribe treatment, if necessary, determine the timing of vaccination, help to establish feeding and daily regimen.

The team consists of only experienced specialists who keep up with the times and adopt the experience and methods of the best European clinics.
If you need advice, please contact. We work from Monday to Saturday. You can make an appointment with a doctor by phone. TIB ART is the choice of the most caring and loving parents!

A pediatrician is necessary for a child with:

an increase in temperature;
symptoms of colds, acute respiratory viral infections, flu;
enlarged lymph nodes;
rashes on the mucous membranes and skin of the child;
pains of various kinds: headache, abdominal pain, sore throat;
stool disorders;
sleep disorders;
drowsiness, fatigue;
restless behavior, overexcitation, frequent or continuous crying in infants;
lack of appetite;
painful or positive reaction to the vaccine.
Any of these symptoms should be a reason for contacting a doctor. If necessary, the pediatric therapist will refer the little patient to narrow-profile specialists for additional examination.

Among the main goals is to surround little patients with care and attention, so that the treatment is not painful and not scary. And the main task of pediatricians is to help a child to be healthy and develop correctly.

You can entrust us with the health of your child immediately after leaving the hospital and make an appointment for the first appointment with your newborn. In this case, you will be sure that the examination will not be carried out formally, as is the case in state clinics, but according to all the rules, in a leisurely and calm atmosphere, with detailed and understandable answers to all your questions.

As practice shows, a timely visit allows detecting the onset of the development of diseases in children. Thanks to timely treatment and prevention of complications, the baby quickly recovers.


Pediatrics Prices
1 Pediatrician consultation 60 000 sum

(55) 503-30-90