Vaccination center (immunology)

Vaccination center (immunology)

Vaccination center (immunology)

More than 70 types of bacteria, viruses, fungi are causative agents of various diseases, and, therefore, a serious threat to humans. How to protect yourself and your loved ones from the effects of these pathogenic microorganisms?

It is very easy to do this if you take care of your health in time and get vaccinated. Vaccines against the pathogens of many serious diseases are proving reliable protection for millions of people around the world.

The principle of vaccination is to introduce an infectious agent into the body, which stimulates the formation of antibodies to fight the pathogen. This contributes to the development of strong immunity to the disease.

Vaccination is the easiest and most convenient way to forget about many diseases and stay healthy at any time of the year!

You can get a high-quality and safe vaccination in the TIB ART private clinic.

Our specialists will make you the necessary preventive vaccinations for all occasions. Go to TIB ART:

seasonal vaccination;
vaccination before travel;
vaccination when planning pregnancy;
vaccination during pregnancy;
vaccination against chronic diseases;
emergency vaccination, etc.
For the most effective protection of the body, vaccination in TIB ART is carried out according to the National Calendar of Preventive Vaccinations.

Some vaccinations can be combined and given on the same day. For each patient, our specialists draw up an individual plan of examination and preparation for vaccination, taking into account the age, previous and existing diseases.

Make an appointment with a TIB ART therapist or immunologist at any time convenient for you and complete the full course of vaccinations as soon as possible. Stay healthy always!

for vaccination we use only high-quality and safe drugs that have proven their effectiveness and reliability;
vaccination is carried out only after consulting a doctor. This provides additional security;
a pleasant atmosphere awaits you in our center. At your service - friendly administrative and medical staff;
the center is located in the Yunusabad region, within walking distance from the Turkistan metro station;
The center administrators will be happy to answer all your questions from 9.00 to 16.00. Appointments are also made by phone.
At TIB ART, adults and children can be vaccinated against many serious diseases. Among them:

Immunization is required annually, before the onset of the seasonal outbreak, from October to November. Influenza vaccination is indicated for people over 50; those who suffer from various chronic diseases; pregnant women; medical and social workers; travelers traveling to an area with an increased incidence of influenza, as well as anyone who wants to avoid this illness.

Pneumococcal infection (pneumonia, sepsis, meningitis)
The vaccination is usually given once, but sometimes a booster dose (booster vaccination) is required. It is indicated for people over 65 years old, people suffering from a number of chronic diseases, including blood diseases, chronic renal failure, nephrotic syndrome, HIV infection and malignant tumors. Pregnant women who are at risk and who have not previously been vaccinated may also be shown vaccinations against pneumococcal infection.

Hepatitis B
Vaccination is carried out in the form of the introduction of three doses according to the established schedule. Recommended for those who come into contact with HBs-positive people; often changes sexual partners; homosexual couples; persons with sexually transmitted diseases; patients undergoing hemodialysis; recipients of blood products; healthcare workers exposed to blood; intravenous drug users and hepatitis C virus carriers

Before vaccinating against viral hepatitis B, unvaccinated patients (who have not previously received a hepatitis vaccine) must be tested for HBs-Ag (no later than 3 months before treatment).

If a patient applies for the purpose of revaccination, then he needs to have information about previous vaccinations against hepatitis B and the results of a blood test for anti-HBs antibody titer.

Diphtheria, tetanus
Revaccination is recommended every 10 years after completion of the primary vaccination course. Vaccinations are indicated for all adolescents and adults. In some cases (for example, after an injury), revaccination may be required 5 years after the last dose.

Women of childbearing age who are not immune to rubella, as well as adolescent girls are vaccinated once or twice. If the woman is pregnant at the time of the visit to the doctor, vaccination is carried out after the birth of the child.

Measles, mumps, rubella
People under 30 who have not had measles, mumps and rubella are vaccinated once or twice. Particular attention is paid to representatives of high-risk groups - for example, health workers.

Vaccination is carried out before a person reaches 18 years of age. Sometimes a single booster dose is required before travel


Vaccination center (immunology) Prices
1 COVID-19 PCR 230 000 sum The next day after testing by 13:00
2 COVID-19 EXPRESS lgG/lgM 170 000 sum 20 minutes after testing
3 COVID-19 ANTIGEN 170 000 sum 20 minutes after testing
4 Rotavirus (India) 150 000 sum
5 Hepatitis A "Olvaxtar-Hav" (China) 240 000 sum

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